In Victoria, close to the waterfront, there are three 10 Acres options nearby – the Bistro, the Commons and the Kitchen. All are pretty fabulous (we have been to the Bistro on a previous visit). This time around, we went to the more upscale Kitchen and completely loved it.


The restaurant has a lovely silver vibe, dimly lit, with some funky lights at the table that we had some fun with that reminded us of ship portholes. It made for some darkish photos, but it’s a very comfortable and inviting restaurant.



The 10 Acres Kitchen is all about showcasing local ingredients and flavours from the land (they have an organic farm in North Saanich) and the water. The menu is mouthwatering, changes with the seasons and the local offerings, and it took us a while to make our decisions. Our first starter was an incredible mile high toast of dungeness crab, hand peeled shrimp, chimi churri, avocado and cheese. It was zesty and tangy and delicious.


We love beets so much that we couldn’t pass up the beet ceviche with creme fraiche, pickled pear and hazelnuts. A classic for a reason. Fresh and light.


I chose the spot prawn fettuccine primarily because I learned BC spot prawns are available two weeks out of the year! The prawns were large and delicious, and wonderfully showcased with a light sauce. The peas, bacon, fennel and preserved lemon balanced the dish in a fantastic way.


David chose a perfectly cooked duck breast with potato gnocchi, rhubarb and a rhubarb jus. The duck was scored well so the fat was rendered properly and the duck wasn’t greasy at all (just the way he likes it). He especially loved the tart rhubarb and gnocchi on the dish, which aren’t usually paired with duck.


Our dessert was a matcha panna cotta – a really interesting flavour for a panna cotta that we loved. It came with a fantastic vanilla macaron, shortbread crust and strawberry kaffir sauce.


10 Acres Kitchen was warm and inviting – front the excellent service to the satisfying farm-to-table menu. Highly recommended!

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