13th Avenue Food and Coffee HouseDave and I are huge fans of Regina’s 13th Avenue Food and Coffee House (3136 13th Avenue) in the Cathedral area. It would be easy to drive by and consider it a hipster coffee joint. That would be a huge mistake. The “food” in 13th Avenue Food and Coffee House is truly special and is what keeps us coming back for more.

The owners promise “healthy, fresh and local” on their website, and 13th Avenue Food and Coffee House delivers on that philosophy every day. The menu is filled with healthy, vegan and even meaty dishes that satisfy your hunger (the portions are out of this world) and your desire for healthy alternatives (the veggie burger is the best in town). By far, our favourites are the rice bowls, and that’s what we chose today.

I always come back to the Lucky Bowl. It arrives overflowing with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, bean sprouts carrots and cilantro. The fun for me is using the chopsticks to try and mix up the bowl (without spilling the veggies all over the table) to get to the incredible rice, tofu and peanut sauce underneath. This stuff is so good and addictive, it’s like digging for gold. I am not usually a big fan of tofu, but the peanut sauce gives it an amazing flavour.

Lucky Bowl

Dave chose to try a new bowl for the first time – the Jivin Jerk Bowl. We are headed on a trip to Negril, Jamaica in the next few days, and he’s getting a head start on jerk seasoning! This bowl has the same fresh cucumber, carrots and tomatoes found in the Lucky Bowl, with Jamaican kick coming from red cabbage, plantains, pineapple salsa and jerk seasoning over tempeh. Dave found it to be a really interesting dish that could have used even a bit more kick.

Jivin Jerk Bowl

The only downside of 13th Avenue Food and Coffee House is its small size. With few tables, a wait is often awaiting you if you want to find a table (we were incredibly lucky to get there just before the rush this day). So, take out is also a popular choice. Dave and I will always be back for more – though it is hard for either of us to deviate from our favourites (Lucky Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and Mexicana Veggie Burger)!

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