Every year, S. Pellegrino releases a list of the “50 Best Restaurants in the World” – I’ve been to one of them. I want to go to more of them.

It’s a gorgeous and inspiring list. El Cellar in Girona Spain is number one. We were agonizingly close to this restaurant while David and I were in Barcelona last fall for our honeymoon – a short train ride away. Maybe next time.

But, we were lucky enough to hit Tickets while in Barcelona – number 42 on the list. Check out our review – the best dining experience of our lives (so far). I can only imagine what number one is like!

David and I learned about several of the amazing restaurants in the top 50 on a new Netflix series called “Chef’s Table” – it’s an amazing series that tells inspiring stories of chefs and how they bring their creativity to life (and the often difficult path to get there).

You know you are a foodie when you are planning trips based on restaurants. We are seriously thinking of going back to New York to check out Eric Ripert’s Le Bernadin, or Dan Barber’s Blue Hill, and visiting Chicago to eat at Grant Achatz’s Alinea.

Our ultimate dream is to take a truck in the middle of nowhere in Sweden to experience Magnus Nilsson’s Faviken .

My only beef with the list is the “best female chef” category. I know the restaurant biz it’s still a man’s world, but it seems crazy that women chefs are still separated out this way.

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