I love it when Dave has Mondays off and he feels like cooking. It usually ends in a dinner party with great friends and amazing food (with chef Dave cooking all day). Yes, I am aware I am one lucky woman!

This last Monday, we were treated to a Mexican feast of spanish rice, two kinds of Nachos over refried beans (one with spicy pork bites and the other vegetarian), and Chiles Rellenos.

I came home to a funny sight … the deep fryer on the porch! It was a great idea to keep the heat and potential splatter outside. In the end, it was moved and the chiles rellenos were fried indoors.


The other thing about Dave’s dinner parties … he uses pretty much every dish, plate and pot in the house!



When we sat down to dinner we were all amazed by the nachos (much fancier than any of us would put together).


The star of the dinner, besides Dave himself, were the absolutely delicious chiles rellenos! This dish consists of a fresh poblano pepper (or in this case an Anaheim pepper), stuffed with different kinds of cheese and deep fried…. over a fresh tomato sauce. None of us could believe he had never attempted it before. But, that is his genius!


To top it all off, my friend Kim brought the dessert… Individual mousse cakes from Le Macaron bakery. The perfect sweet ending to a spicy evening!


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