Dave cooks. Julianne travels. When we do those things together it’s magical. We share our passions by blogging about them together.

Julianne pretty much leaves the cooking to Dave, and she cleans up and takes Dave out for dinner for balance. Dave spends most of his travel time training or taking part in triathlons, so Julianne travels the world and brings back stories and recipe ideas for Dave.

Dave is known for a question he proposes after every meal he prepares and after every dinner out. “Would buy again?” he asks. That’s the inspiration for the name of this blog, and the model for how we live our lives. We seek fresh experiences that satisfy our palettes and our souls, and inspire us for more. Would Buy Again indeed!


Julianne Jack

“Travel is more than the seeing of the sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent in the ideas of living.” This quote from Miriam Beard says it all for me.

I am an experience junkie and I feel most alive, hopeful, open and fulfilled when I am on a journey. I often find it difficult to fully express to others how the journey has changed me (almost always for the better), and I always return home with a tinge of sadness that the journey is over (for now). That’s when the cycle begins again. What new and exciting destination can I set my sights on next?

With that philosophy, it will come as no surprise that I work to travel. Luckily, I love the career I have stumbled into. By working hard at it, I have a great deal of freedom and the means to travel to the destinations of my dreams. I work in the Communications/Public Relations field, where it pays to have an open mind and diverse experiences to draw from.

I also love food, so I love dining out and trying new things on my travels. I am that geeky person beside you taking pictures of her plates! I experience true bliss whenever Dave cooks for me at home – he’s that good! 


David Nagel

I work as a UNIX system administrator for an enormous multi-national company. I’m a middle of the pack triathlete. I spend a large amount of my time swimming, cycling and running. When I travel with Julianne I’m happiest when we can work in some time for me to abuse my body with exercise. I’ve cooked in “professional” kitchens when I was a kid. It gave me the basic foundations to be a half-way decent cook. I love good food but I don’t always want to go out to a restaurant to eat it. When I have a really good meal at a restaurant I’m thinking about how I could make that at home. What would I change? Can I do this or even do this better? I’m a technical guy and I always think about how something is put together.

Cooking for friends and family is one of the ways that I express my love for them. I make big food with big flavour. Sometimes I’ll go into a meal with an idea of what I want to do and other times I’ll be at the grocery store and I’ll find an ingredient that inspires me. I’ve made a call to friends from the aisles of the local Safeway and planned an entire dinner party.

My food seems pretty simple to me. I think it just looks complicated when you see the final product. I’ve learned a lot of cool cooking techniques over the years and it makes it pretty easy for me to throw things together. I pinch and dash my food so it’s going to be a challenge to come up with a concise recipe for the dishes I create.

Why “Would Buy Again”?

Would Buy Again
Would Buy Again
Welcome to Dave and Julianne's food and travel blog. Taking from the common phrase people use to give positive reviews on the web, Dave is known for asking "Would Buy Again?" after every meal he prepares and after every dinner out. We use it here both as a question and as a statement.

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