Oprah 1I just returned back home to Regina from a wonderful two days in Edmonton with my mom, where we spent “An Evening with Oprah.” Well, an evening with Oprah AND a sold out crowd at Rexall Place.

I am a card carrying member of the Oprah appreciation society. I know I am not alone, and I also know there are just as many that don’t get it. I have heard it called the “Cult of Oprah.”

I understand. The woman wields a lot of power. Her thoughts and opinions can make or break a book, a new venture and even careers. I personally respond to what she has to say, and it always makes me look inward and outward in very positive ways. It works for me.

During the evening, Oprah shared her wisdom on many topics – anecdotes about her life, how she got where she is today, things she “knows for sure.” Basically, she shared her life philosophy. I have heard much of it before on her programs, but the two hour talk was definitely inspiring!

Here are a few of my favourite “Oprahisms.” I hope it inspires some of you to reflect, as it has inspired me.

– Who are you? What is your purpose? Purpose is spirit seeking expression. It is not a goal, a role or an idea. It is something you discover. It is the thread that connects all of your experiences in life. When you discover what makes you truly happy (your purpose), share it in service to others. That is true success and happiness.

– “Whatever follows ‘I am’ will come looking for you” – Joel Osteen.  You become what you believe.

– You are co-creating your life. What you put out there is always coming back to you.

– You are responsible for the energy you bring into every space.

– Always work as hard as you can, and do everything that you can do. Then let it go. What is for you will come to you. If it is not for you, you are not meant to have it.

– When people show you who they are, believe them the first time!

– Life is speaking to you, are you paying attention? Pay attention to the whispers, the feelings in your gut that tell you something isn’t quite right.  Whispers escalate if you don’t address them (your goal is to get it in the whisper stage!):

– Whisper = a message
– Pebble = lesson
– Brick = problem
– Brick wall = crisis
– Earthquake = disaster

Oprah 2

Oprah being interviewed at the end of her lecture by George Strombolopolous


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