Julianne was jonesin’ for spring rolls. Not right after she got back from her trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. It took a couple weeks but now she had a full on craving for good spring rolls. We decided to go to Angkor Southeast Asian Delight to satisfy that craving. Their spring rolls are really very good. Don’t seem to be a greasy as spring rolls from other restaurants in town. The other part of this mission was to order dishes that she enjoyed on her trip. We didn’t exactly find what Julianne was looking for so we changed our focus to look for specific ingredients. Julianne really liked how they used lemongrass so that’s what we scoured the menu for.

We chose two things we always get and one new delight. Spring rolls were one of the reasons that we came so they had to be on the list. The Cambodian Fried Rice Noodles are also something we always like. It took a while to find the perfect last dish but our search for lemongrass led us to the Cambodian Stew Beef Hot Pot. All three were excellent choices. Our dishes tasted fresh and they were utterly devoid of the shiny sauces that we saw on the food at the other tables in the restaurant.

I’ve seen reviews of Angkor that complained about the service. The staff was attentive and we didn’t have any problems with the service. This might be due to the fact that we arrived after 7:00 pm on a week night. We ordered the dished mentioned above plus tea and rice.

This is the reason we came to Angkor tonight

The spring rolls came first. An order of spring rolls is 3 rolls and comes with fish sauce for dipping. We were really hungry and there was that whole Julianne jonesin’ for spring rolls thing going on so we wanted 2 orders of spring rolls. In hindsight one order would have done the job. We were pretty full by the end of the meal.

It wasn’t too long before the other dishes arrived. The Cambodian Fried Rice Noodles were as good as I remembered. Rice noodles, shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts and carrots make up this dish. I’m not sure what was in the sauce they fried the noodles in but it’s tasty and unobtrusive. A lemon wedge and fish sauce was served on the side.

The Cambodian Stew Beef Hot Pot was all kinds of delicious. Didn’t know what to expect when we ordered it but it turned out to be very good indeed. It’s beef, broth, onions, garlic, carrots, ginger, lemongrass, kafir lime leaves and basil. The beef must have been braised in that tasty broth all day because it was flavourful and really tender. We will definitely get this one again.

My advice? Be adventurous when you head out for ethnic food of any kind. Stay away from the standard “dinner for two” and instead try flavours and dishes you haven’t tried before. That’s where the best dining experience always lives.

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