Negril has become a special place for David and I. This I is our 4th visit together since he introduced it to me (and his 7th trip in total). We love the people, the quietness of the cliffs, the beauty of the 7 mile beach and the fantastic food. There will be lots of blogging!

After a 5 hour flight (where I basically had 3/4 of a seat due to the largeness of the man beside me), we immediately got our chill on during the 1.5 hour ride from the Montego Bay airport to Negril. It didn’t even bother me that I could feel my hair curling quickly with every minute gone by!


Tyrone picked us up in his blue and white taxi and we immediately had déjà vu! He had driven us 4 years ago, and we had many similar conversations. Love his laid back style, and his bus decked out in Jamaica style.




As we drove through the beach area of Negril, he recommended we get some take out jerk chicken to enjoy at our hotel – and since we absolutely LOVE the chicken at The Best in the West, we happily agreed. It was fantastic!


After a quick stop at a local grocery store to stock up for the night, we drove past the glorious cliffs of Negril and came back to our home away from home Hide Awhile. Villa number two is pure heaven.



Also heaven – our little buddy Marley cat – a true hustler who cuddles and kneads and knows how to spot cat loving guests! This is the third visit we’ve bonded with her, and love that we found her at our door about two seconds in to our visit.


So very happy to be back… And looking forward to some wonderful days ahead!

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