“This is what vacation is for,” the Jamaican vendor yelled in our direction as we were enjoying Negril’s seven mile beach. “Laying on the beach, eating fresh lobstah and smoking rolled joints!”

Well, for us, it’s about the first two anyway!


Walking up and down the Negril beach is a joy. The sand is fine and almost white, and you can walk the entire seven miles without being obstructed by a single private all inclusive property. It’s gorgeous.


You do get a lot of vendors coming up to you to sell their wares, including weed, food, hats, jewellery… really anything you can think of. We were a little too nice to the bracelet vendor and after he threw it on David, we ended up paying $10 for it just so we could continue on our merry way hassle free. That was one expensive (cheap) bracelet! But usually, vendors are quite respectful here if you say no thank you.

We love this beach because you can duck in at any small hotel and get a beach chair, a drink and some food. We usually stay away from the busier places like Margaritaville, because we are staying at a small Cliff hotel for a reason (to be away from big crowds and big drinking). But we laugh at the “spring break” vibe whenever we walk by. This sign really made us laugh (because not a single person had paid extra for the “VIP” section, and the rest of the place was packed in like sardines).


We love our little spot at the Idle Awhile beach property. It’s small and intimate and pretty quiet, with a great restaurant and great bartenders.




However, you can spot the newbie families as they arrive. Usually American, usually a bit too loud and taking over the space on day one (haven’t sufficiently chilled out yet).

Our last day at the beach a Boston family arrived. They began discussing the finer points of demanding service. “You aren’t supposed to say CAN I have this?,” said the older man. “Because it’s a question. Like you don’t know what you want.”

“You are supposed to say I WANT this,” he explained. “Then you get what you want!”

No “please” or “thank you” in sight in this conversation!

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