This was the second time that we’ve been to Bombay East Indian Halal Restaurant. The first time was this summer and it probably wasn’t long after they had opened. Back then the food was good but the service was a little chaotic. It was certainly forgivable given that they hadn’t been in business very long. Not the case this time. Both food and service were top notch. Bombay has become our favourite Regina Indian restaurant. There’s something different about the taste of their food and we like it.

We decided to try some different things than we normally order. We started our meal with vegetable samosas. I know… we almost always get samosas when we go to an indian restaurant so that one isn’t really going out there, however; the samosas were very good. Nice and large and the sauce was a good complement to them. Next nann bread. Again… nothing new here yet but wait… we ordered the Peshawri Nann. What’s that you ask? It’s nann bread suffed with cherries and dried fruit. Julianne wasn’t totally into it at first but by the end of the meal she was diggin’ it.

Samosas - Peshawri Naan

The first time we came to Bombay the portions were a little small so we decided to order three entree dishes. The portions were bigger this time so we should have had lots of leftovers but we liked it so much we ate until we were really full. We ordered the Lamb Biryani, Mutter Paneer and Chicken Tikka Massala. Niether I nor Julianne have had biryani before. It’s a saffron rice dish with big chunks of lamb and a yogurt sauce on the side. Delicious. We will have to order that one again. Chicken Tikka isn’t that exotic but their version was very nice. Not too much sauce but the chicken was done perfectly and the fast was just fantastic. Mutter Paneer is curried peas with home made cottage cheese cubes. This one had lots of sauce and it tasted really good.

Lamb Biryani - Chicken Tikka Masala - Mutter Paneer

We ordered too much food and left with a tiny amount of leftovers. I don’t normally over eat but I simply couldn’t stop eating. Bombay did a very good job and it’s no wonder that it’s become our favourite Indian restaurant. There weren’t too many people here on a Wednesday night and that a shame for a place that makes food this good.

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