I had a surprise today at work. Our company’s social club managed to get the Bon Burger truck to park out behind our office. We got word that they were coming the day before so like any good computer nerd I checked out their website (bonburger.ca) to see what they have to offer. Sadly there was no menu on the site. Others at my company picked up on that and a menu of three different burgers was posted. We had a choice of the classique, bombre and piquant burgers. Fries and poutine were also available.

Today’s burger menu included:
Classique Burger – Cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, mayo, mustard, ketchup. $7.50

Bombre Burger – Cheddar cheese, bacon, crispy fried onions, mayo, Sodbuster BBQ sauce, Japanese pickled cucumbers. $9.50

Piquant Burger – Avocado cream, spicy coleslaw, jalapeño relish, chipotle ketchup, mayo. $9.50

It took a long time to make it through this line... but it was worth it.

It took a long time to make it through this line… but it was worth it.

I had an appointment at noon so I was not able to get in line right away. This caused me two problems. The first was that they make the burgers fresh to order so they longer (go to the king or the clown if you want your food processed and fast). It took me almost an hour to make my way though the line and get my food. The second problem was selection. I was strongly considering the piquant burger but they sold out of those just before I got to the window to place my order. My choice was made for me. I wasn’t going to squander my first Bon Burger experience on the pedestrian sounding classique burger so I went for the bombre burger and fries.

My burger and fries were fantastic. The bun was just the right size. The meat was tender, juicy and expertly seasoned. The condiments were just right for my burger. No messy burger juice dripping all over my cubicle. The fries (served in a paper cone) were a quite tasty too. I’m told that the Bon Burger truck will make a couple more appearances at my workplace this summer. Next time I’ll be sure to clear my calendar and be first in line. Those were some tasty eats.

Bon Burger  - Bombre Burger

Bon Burger - Fries

Bon Burger on Urbanspoon

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