It’s been hot here… really hot. Uncharacteristically hot. With lots of humidity. Spring was long cold and wet. It’s August and this is the first time that it really felt like summer here. I guess that’s why this hot weather feels extra hot to the heat deprived. Anyway… I want to make a nice meal but firing up the stove in the kitchen will make our un-airconditioned house sweltering hot. This made me think about making Coq au Vin on the BBQ. About a week after I made that I also made Coca-Cola Chicken Hot Pot. Both dishes were a fantastic way to keep the heat outside. They also ended up tasting freakin’ awesome.

First up… Coq au Vin

Coq au Vin is a fancy French name for chicken braised in wine. It’s usually done with red wine but I felt like doing mine with white wine.


Normally I’d make this in a ceramic coated cast-iron casserole and I would brown the chicken in the casserole, remove it for a bit while I cooked the vegetables and then added stock and then put the chicken back in to braise in the liquid. Since I’m making this on the grill I browned the chicken on the grill while I softened the onions and mushrooms in a pan and then added chicken stock and wine. The chicken finished cooking in the liquid and I took it out at the end for a bit to cook some carrots in the liquid as well.



I boiled up some potatoes and served it up like this…


Next contestant… Coca-Cola Chicken Hot Pot

I don’t know what inspired me to make this dish today but I’m sure glad I made it. It has now become Julianne’s favourite thing that I’ve made for her EVAR!!! It tastes even better than it looks and it’s dead simple to make.

I started with shallots and red pepper in the pan. The chicken was on the top rack getting a little colour. Garlic and ginger were added a little bit later so they wouldn’t burn and taste nasty.


The braising liquid was dead simple to make. It consisted of a can of coke (I would probably use a can and-a-half next time to make more sauce), some soy sauce and a splash of sweet chilli sauce.


The sauce reduced perfectly while the chicken was braising in it. The balance of sweet and salty was just perfect.


I added shimeji mushrooms and the stalky parts of green onions to the brazing liquid while it reduced down a bit. The chicken was served with mound of jasmine rice and a sprinkle of sliced green onions.

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