What gift do you get the foodie in your life who has everything? That’s the dilemma I found myself in this past Christmas.

David is hard to buy for, so I always try to find something interesting and quirky. I ran across Carnivore Club doing a simple google search for “Canada foodie gifts.” The answer to my question was immediately clear. I would get him six months of artisanal meat delivered to our door!

Carnivore Club is based out of Toronto, which is perfect for us Canadians! Usually whenever I find interesting perishable goods that can be shipped, they can’t be shipped to Canada. Or the cost to ship is outrageous.

The premise of Carnivore Club is simple – sign up for a monthly delivery of a box of artisanal meat to your door. You can sign up for a few months (I gave six months a whirl), a whole year, or just buy one box. It’s not cheap (about $50 per month), but it promises specialized products that you can’t get just anywhere (and certainly not easily in Saskatchewan). When you sign up for a subscription, you will get your box shipped on the first Monday of every month. Each month has a new featured supplier and theme. And, if needed, the box comes in thermal packaging with an ice pack inside to keep the meat chilled.

I was pretty excited to hear that the first box (to arrive just in time for Christmas) was full of Spanish products and our beloved Iberico ham! We were still basking in the memories of our honeymoon in Barcelona, and had been saving some Iberico ham for our New Year’s celebration. We absolutely loved the Iberico and Salchichon offerings in this first box.


Of course, when you have a subscription, you wonder if every month will be worth it. We have received the second box that featured an American supplier, and it had even more product than the first! This made me satisfied that the $50 pricetag was actually worth it. David is still making his way through the box, but so far, he is loving it!


If you like surprises and foodie treats, check out Carnivore Club (they also ship to the US).

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