As we walked around Akihabara looking for a lunch spot, we mused we hadn’t had any sushi in Tokyo yet! After a quick search on our phones, we found two close by the Akihabara station.

We passed on the stand up sushi joint (which got great reviews, but we really needed to sit down) and chose a conveyor belt sushi place across from the station. Because, well, conveyor belts!


Here’s how it works. You sit down, and pull plates from the conveyor belt passing you by. The plates are different colours and each colour is associated with a price. At the end of your meal, your server adds up the price of your dishes. 


We noticed that many patrons were also specifically ordering certain nigiri, and we considered that until Dave’s favourite unagi (eel) nigiri magically showed up. The shrimp was my personal favourite.


We also noticed that there was green tea powder available and a hot water spout in front of our seats, so we mixed that up to drink (we were a little heavy on the powder at first, so it tasted better later in the lunch as we added more water.

You can certainly get more high end sushi in Tokyo, and we hope to experience that too. But, for a quick and cheerful dining experience, conveyor belt sushi is quite fun.

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