The choice to stay downtown near Air Canada Centre for my Adele concert experience was a smart one, and the Cosmopolitan Hotel provided a great experience.


Located on Colborne near King and Yonge it was minutes from the concert and close to great restaurants and Eatons Centre shopping. The closest subway stop was just one block away, so it truly was easy access to anything in Toronto.


The room itself was comfortable, a one bedroom suite with a kitchen, living room area, laundry and a fantastic bedroom. Because this is a smaller boutique hotel the rates are really quite reasonable.




There were a couple of downsides. I was on the 10th floor and would recommend requesting a floor on 20 or higher. Those rooms have great unobstructed views of the city. My room had a view of construction on the building next door, along with loud construction sounds starting at 6 or 7 am.


The biggest annoyance was the window that looked straight into the office building next door. My view was a guy sitting at his computer, and his view was right through the living room to my bathroom! There was a fabric blind, but because I could see right through it, I assume he could too. Needless to say I was pretty careful about keeping that door shut!



Even with those issues, I enjoyed my time there and my interactions with all the friendly staff. There is a nice little restaurant and bar that closes fairly early around 10 pm, but they kept it open for us as they did their closing activities. I recommend the Cosmopolitan … on a higher floor!

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