I walked into Crave Kitchen and Wine Bar recently in a bit of a funk. Super tired. Just looking for a quick dinner and then home for an early sleep. I left in a wonderful mood, feeling happy and special, and SO looking forward to our wedding (taking place at Crave) in August.

What do I have to thank for this transformation? Other than the always wonderful company of my sweetie (who always makes me feel better), we had the good fortune to be served by the lovely Kate. She’s a first-class waitress/hostess-with-the-mostest and overall great conversationalist.

After dragging myself in, Dave and I quickly ordered a glass of wine, our meals, and chatted with Kate about our upcoming wedding. The food is always great at Crave, so I know when it comes time to pick our menu for our guests, we’ll have wonderful options to choose from for our guests.

We were right in the middle of talking about the fantastic charcuterie boards at Crave, and how we MUST order some as appetizers for our guests, when the lovely Kate walked over to our table with one. “I know you didn’t order this, but this is courtesy of the chef. I told him you are great customers, have an upcoming wedding and a food blog, and he wanted you to have this.”

WOW!! Fog lifted. Mood shifted. Feeling very special indeed.

The charcuterie board was delicious – especially loved the cheeses, antipasto, figs and thinly sliced meats. Very fresh, everything went together, and it is great fun to eat together. We are definitely getting something like this for our wedding.



On to the main course. We were already feeling a bit full from the charcuterie board – but the meals looked out of this world. I absolutely love the way a Crave plate looks. Lots of love put into these dishes.

I chose the wild pacific salmon (cooked to perfection). I had a couple of new taste sensations with this dish – the Potato Croquette with dungeness crab mixed in was delightful and I think I am in love with kale. Seriously. The kale on that plate was out of this world!


Dave chose the special of the evening – a beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon and topped with some avocado and some large scallops and vegetables on the side. The sauce gave the dish a real warmth (which tasted especially great on a wet a rainy night).


I can’t give praise enough for the wonderful service at Crave, and the always outstanding meals. Creative. Delicious. Friendly.

Yes. Very excited for our wedding in August!



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