It’s not every day you stay in a hotel in Tokyo that is the home of a 2 Michelin Star restaurant, with a chef that you have seen on the Chef’s Table Netflix series! 

When we discovered Cuisine Michel Troisgros was in our Hyat Regency Tokyo hotel, there was no question we were going to make a reservation and enjoy the tasting menu. It was completely out of this world, one of the best meals we have ever had, and completely worth every single expensive cent! Yolo!

When we arrived for our dinner, we realized our concierge made the reservations for us to have a private dining room, which at first made me a little nervous (really fancy pants). But I was quickly made at ease by the fantastic, friendly and knowledgable staff. You don’t get 2 Michelin Stars without first class service. Three or four servers were checking on us all night, very discreetly, ensuring the pacing was perfect and our needs were met before we even knew we had them (bread in partcular always arrived in time for dipping into a fantastic sauce).

We chose the Pas a Pas 11 course tasting menu, with wine pairing for each course. Because why wouldn’t you do that, if you can? The wines were seriously premium wine we’d never have a chance to try back home, and it was a wonderful education for us. It also made me realize I need to keep working to fund my travel/wine/food habit.

The meal began with a Chrartogne Taillet Cuvée Sainte Anne champagne, with interesting “finger foods.” A tiny round thin pizza with cream and onion and bacon was delightful. The onion was cooked just past raw to a sweet taste. The daikon cups with a broth and wasabl on the ends was a perfect delicate bite.


Our amuse bouche of a thinly sliced squid was unlike anything I have tasted before. Squid with passion fruit jelly and nori? Salty and sweet, and paired nicely with a crisp Altesse De Montagnieu white wine. 
Our bread arrived – at first little towers of croissant-like consistency, then denser bread that was replenished through dinner. 


Our first course was called “botan ebi shrim in red” – a tomato over creamy shrimp , with shiso on top. The shrimp was really soft with a creamy cheese, and it was fantastic to try a japanese wine. The Grace Koshu Torribira white reminded us of the floral wines we love from the Okanagan. 

Our second course was special. Mussels and zucchini in a light foam. Sounds simple, but the mussels were perfection! We’ve never had mussels so expertly prepared!

The coloured fields of summer dish was simply beautiful, and prepared to look like summer fields in France. Sea bass was covered with a lovely paprika and green sauce, with quinoa and radishes. It had a bit of a smoky flavour, and the Saint Aubin La Princee wine also had a deep smoke hit to the palate that we really loved.

The scampi, chickpea and bacon, with a creaky bisque was both Dave and my favourite. I love a good bisque, and its always fun to watch the server pour it to make the dish in front of you. Trust me, it was heavenly. The Corse Calvi Cuvee Vignola was the pairing. 


Our main course of the evening was pigeon, with tofu veiled overtop, with black fruit sauce. It came with a smokey squab thigh with a berry sauce, and a Fixin Crais de Chene Pinot made for a perfect French dish.  


The next course was a table of fine cheeses, that we got to choose from. Who doesn’t love a table of cheese? We chose a whisky cheese, an Italian gorgonzola with honey, a soft cheese with ash, and a 22 month old orange cheese (and it’s younger cousin). Dave also tried a goat cheese that was soft on outside and harder on inside. A lovely Pavillon Figeac red accompanied it.


We then moved on to the desserts. The salt to sugar dish was a lovely edamame and pistachio jelly with panacotta. Soon followed by three “candies” – a macaron, a chocolate on a stick and a biscuit with cream. The wine was a more syrupy (but not too sweet) Ch. Coutet from Barsac.


To end our epic meal, we had super crunchy pieces of mango full of flavour layered over a mango purée and coffee and custard ice cream.

As we ended the meal with green tea, we reflected on how special this night was, how specific and attentive the service was, and how unique the meal was. French food, with japanese ingredients. C’est Magnifique!

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