Flip SignSince visiting Flip for lunch recently, I’ve been thinking about going back and trying out a main course for dinner with Dave. We completely enjoyed our decision with a delicious meal on Thursday night.

The ambience at Flip is clean and modern, with glass windows for walls facing the downtown street (fun to people watch as they walk by), lots of space between tables and an open kitchen (fun to watch the chefs at work). The only downside is because it’s always so busy it also gets a bit loud (with sound reverberating off the windows and high ceilings). But really, that’s a tiny issue when compared to the great food.

I have a lot of luck when I order specials, and I was fully satisfied with the Thursday night special – striped bass over a tomato red wine sauce and fried triangles of polenta and smoked gouda. The bass was wonderful with a cornmeal crust, and the polenta was the lightest I’ve ever tasted with a nice creamy gouda consistency.

Flip stripped bass


Dave chose the Chef’s Steak with a coffee spice rub, cilantro chimichurri, smoked gouda sauce and dirty rice. He ordered his steak rare and felt it was cooked perfectly (not always easy to do with rare) and the chimichurri sauce was top-notch. Dave felt the dish could have been rounded out a bit more with a vegetable side. Dave’s always a hungry guy, so I gave him a polenta triangle to help fill him up a bit more.

Flip steak

Both of our meals looked beautiful, and the flavours were very well balanced. We noticed the menu states that there are no substitutions (because all the meals are prepared carefully considering the flavour combinations). Normally, I’d say that people have their preferences, and substitutions should be granted for all kinds of reasons. But, they do it right here at Flip, so it’s hard to argue with their logic!

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