David and I read about Design Festa Gallery – a gallery space that features local artists and is free to the public. It looked really cool, so we sought it out. We are so glad we did!


As you approach the building down the side roads of Harajuku, away from the crowds,you are instantly drawn in.


The building is covered in graffiti art, and sets the tone for the space inside.



There are two separate buildings, and each have different floors and individual rooms set aside for individual artists and photographers. Many of the spaces have the artist right there in the room to chat with visitors.

There seemed to be quite a few student photo exhibits right now, and they asked us to rate the exhibit and write down our favourites. We liked one exhibit in particular (photography of animals and every day tokyo) and told the girls we thought it was the best … they were thrilled and offered us candy in return.


Design Festa Gallery also has a small shop with great postcards and other artsy souvenirs on hand, as well as a very colourful restaurant that is in between the two buildings. We highly recommend seeking this gallery out for something completely different while in Harajuku!

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