When I heard Dolly Parton would be bringing her Pure and Simple tour to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, I was immediately excited to see her. Legends are legends for a reason… they know how to entertain an audience!

I was tasked with getting tickets on a Saturday morning for me and my good friend CA. Then, I promptly forgot. As I lamented the lack of tickets on social media, my other good friend Angela told me she had an extra ticket (woot!). Thankfully, CA has forgiven me for messing up on a ticket for him (I think)!

As we set out on our half hour road trip to Moose Jaw, we had to find a good and quick place for dinner, close to Mosaic Place. We were a bit past the rush, and got in quickly to Browns Social House and had a fantastic pre-concert meal. Over delicious peach bellini’s, a burger for Angela and a halibut social bowl for me, we talked about our love for Dolly.


I think she’s an amazing role model for women – true rags to riches success story, in complete control of her image and her music, with amazing talent and humour that has kept her in the limelight for so many years.

We had excellent seats in the 13th row on the floor, unless you count the big hair and big hat that sat directly in front of me. I’m a shortie and this kind of thing happens to me all the time. Only this time, the 6′ 7″ man was also wearing a huge cowboy hat! I mean, seriously. I spent the entire concert contorting to see the stage, and every time I had a good view, he started looking around and blocking my view with that damn big hat! Boo.

But even that couldn’t dampen the fun and the amazing Show that Dolly put on – a good two hour show with a short intermission, full of hits and funny stories. Angela said it best.. “I would pay to just sit and listen to her tell stories.”


Dolly is tiny, and just as beautiful and glitzy as you would expect… at 70! Her talent shone through, playing several instruments and in amazingly good voice. Touching and heartfelt at times, funny and outlandish at others, she knows how to get an audience in the palm of her hands from the moment she walks on stage.

Angela and I stood to give her standing ovations when our favourite songs were through (for me it’s Jolene and Here You Come Again, and for Angela it’s Do I Ever Cross Your Mind). I also found a new (old) favourite in The Grass Is Blue. Dolly’s catalogue of great music is pretty mind blowing when you sit through it. It was a brilliant show!


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