If you have ever tried meditation, you know that you are often encouraged to think of a happy, calming place in your mind as you begin to breathe deeply, and to concentrate on that image as you relax.

Since visiting Maui in January 2011 with my Mom and Dad, I have a very specific “happy place” that I often reflect on – the lanai (balcony) of the condo that we rented just across the street from Kamaole Beach III.

I can still feel the gentle warm wind on my face, the sounds and smell of the ocean and the joy of watching whales and dolphins popping up for air nearby.

When I first came to Maui, I thought all the hype about whales was just that – hype. There is no way you would see so many whales! I expected to see one or two. Imagine my awe when I saw several every single time I sat down to enjoy the ocean view.  Truly peaceful and inspiring.

Maui Whale Jump 1

Maui Whale Jump 2

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