The fall chill is upon us, and my thoughts are turning to warmer destinations fairly close to home (past and potentially in the near future!).

While Los Angeles wasn’t one of my favourite destinations, I do have fond memories of walking from Santa Monica to Venice Beach – enjoying the roar of the ocean and the sand between my toes along the way.


Venice Beach itself was super fun to see – it’s exactly like you see in the movies. Lots of weird and eccentric people working out, rollerblading and just hanging out. Oh, and the call to buy “medical mari-WHAHNA” still makes me giggle. (For the record, I didn’t partake).


I also remember the best and freshest shrimp salad I’ve ever had at a patio restaurant somewhere along the way. Feeling the sea wind through my hair, a cold Corona and sharing chips and salsa while people watching with a good friend is a great memory for me. It has me wondering if I should give the Los Angeles area another chance – but this time stay closer to Santa Monica and away from the far too touristy Hollywood area.


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