The downtown area of Las Vegas has seen a lot of changes over the past few years, making it more accessible for visitors. Not only does the area boast some really interesting restaurants and bars, it has the Downtown Container Park. It’s easy to find – just keep walking straight a couple of blocks after you hit the end of Fremont Street.

The park is really an outdoor shopping mall, with two stories of shops and restaurants made out of shipping containers. It’s got a cool vibe, with artisan-type stores and some interesting food/drink options as well. It also seems nicely geared for families, with a kids play park right in the middle.


I was happy to visit the Container Park on this trip to Las Vegas, but didn’t have enough time to really walk around and enjoy it. One of my travel mates did, and really loved the boutique shops.

As I was chatting with friends over a beer at one of the restaurant patios, all of a sudden I heard a huge bang, with fire spurting into the air, and loud music. As we investigated on our way out of the park, we saw a crazy giant grasshopper figure. Fire was blazing out of its antenna, in time with the music (Bohemian Rhapsody). Crazy, and fun to watch.


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