The Air Canada Dreamliner flight from Vancouver to Tokyo was a long one … 9:45 hours thanks to some time on the tarmac and flying north over land much of the way (I assume to avoid storms).


And sadly, the trend of me not being able to sleep on planes continued and rubbed off on Dave. We did manage 30 minutes while missing the end of King Arthur. So I guess that’s the trick… find a boring movie to nod off to!

All that said, we had a very comfortable trip thanks to our choice to purchase premium economy seats. It’s three rows of 21 seats between first class and economy, giving extra legroom and seat space and a further recline. We had a pretty empty flight as well, with only four other people in the entire section. It was worth it.

The hot towel service and a great meal of beef sukiyaki on actual plates was a nice touch and quite delicious! I have been having a heck of a time with the photo editor in my blog app … so you will have to view this on its side for now!



The Dreamliner has these funky windows that don’t have shades. Instead there is a control that darkens the window itself turning it a cool blue or black colour later in the flight. Dave says it’s like they instagrammed the window!

We had some fun on this flight (boy, Japanese earphones are small)! 

Highly recommend the premium economy seats (especially on a seat sale like we did)… but I am still dreaming of lying down in first class pods some day. That really would be a dream.

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