É by José Andréas is a restaurant within a restaurant (kinda like the movie Inception). It’s an eight seat restaurant inside José Andréas’ tapas restaurant Jaleo in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. That Inception reference is not far from the reality of É. The decor of É is designed to resemble the mind of chef José Andréas. The walls are old school library card catalogue drawers. Some are pulled out to make shelves that display all manner of bric-a-brac that form the thoughts and memories of the famous chef. It’s a surreal space that serves as the stage for out of this world food theatre.

How did I get here? Well… I was on a business trip. A week long conference to be specific. I swore that I would never go to Las Vegas of my own volition. It’s not my kinda town. Julianne would love to go to Las Vegas with me and it killed her to miss an opportunity of a trip to Las Vegas together. What’s a guy to do with a solo week in Las Vegas? I’ve heard about É and how exclusive it was. The restaurant opens up reservations three months in advance and they fill up quickly. The only way to make a reservation is by e-mail. I figured that there would be no chance of getting in on a couple weeks notice but I would send and e-mail anyway. You get nothing if you don’t ask, right? Since I had an entire week to play with I was able to get in on a Wednesday night because a group cancelled their reservation.


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The details of this evening are a little sketchy in my mind. There was a lot of food and a lot of wine. The food came fast and did I mention that there was a lot of booze? I’ll try my best to explain what I ate but things are a little fuzzy. The menu is set and the only changes they make are for food allergies. You could eat at É if you’re a vegetarian but not if you’re vegan. I managed to take a lot of good pictures. The dishes were expertly made and presented so the food porn is strong in this post…

Édible Sangria 2014

This was the first dish to arrive at the table. It was presented in a styrofoam box. Sangria that can be eaten with a spoon! Sangria foam with nitrogen frozen strawberries and other tasty morsels.

Cotton Candy 2.0 with Daisy

The first of two dishes of the night that featured cotton candy. They made an empanada using the cotton candy in place of the regular dough. The filling was foie gras mousse and hazelnuts. The daisy looked like it would be sweet but it was savoury.


De-hydrated beets with manchego cheese sandwich (think grilled cheese).

Coca De Recapte

There’s a sardine on top of puréed foie gras, red pepper and chorizo (maybe?) all on top of a crunchy filo pastry cracker.


Chewy foam bun stuffed with goat’s cheese.

Oyster & Oyster

Smoked oyster (that’s the one on the shell) with a chicken oyster with foam on crispy chicken skin.

Pescado En “Adobo”

Fried cod fritter with a small amount of adobo sauce.

El Vermut

Muscles with a vermouth and saffron foam.

Cava Sangria

Many dishes at É were created using the El Bulli “liquid olive” technique. this one tasted like a sangria made with cava (Spanish sparkling wine).
To create this they take a flavourful liquid that has calcium in it and drop it into agar agar to form a gelatine like skin around it. That’s kinda how it was explained to me… I’m sure there is a lot more to the technique than that. The sphere bursts in your mouth when you eat it and you’re hit with a mouthful of intense flavour.

“Fabes” Con Jamon

Another dish that used the gelatine spherefication technique. This one was was made to resemble large beans. The pork broth was thick and rich and was a perfect accompaniment to the “beans”.

“Kokotxas” Al Pil-Pil

Cod fish jowels. It was a V shaped piece of cod fish that comes from inside the jaw. It had the consistency of squid and a strong fish flavour.

Mar y Montana

This one was WAY out there. Sea cucumber stuffed with pork. I’ve never had sea cucumber before. Didn’t know what to expect but this was delicious.

Mushrooms En Papillote

Chanterelle mushrooms in a cream sauce. Finished with smoke and sealed in a plastic bag.
They cut it open for you to serve. The smoke wafts over you just before you eat it. Awesome.


A small piece of perfectly cooked rib-eye. I like it rare and this one was cooked to perfection for my tastes.

Torta Pascualete With Cotton Candy

Another dish with cotton candy. You can see the pressed cotton candy and edible flowers here…
Underneath was a savoury cream sauce. You used the spoons to push the cotton candy into the cream to get it to break down so you could eat it.

Crema Catalana Egg

Looks like a savoury egg but the “white” was actually a sweet cream sauce.

After Eight Timbal

A chocolate cylinder filled with a minty cream sauce served on top of chocolate “gravel”.

Ferrero Rocher

This was José Andréas’ take on Ferrero Rocher… if you could eat it foil and all. It was presented in a ring box. Very tasty and inventive.


I honestly don’t remember much about this one.

More Things…

Four sugary treats.
Gin and tonic

É by José Andréas created a wonderful tasting menu. There were twenty plus dishes served and I didn’t end up feeling WAY too full. I enjoyed tasting things that I never would have imagined eating (cod jowels and sea cucumber). The wines paired very well with the dishes. The playful decor and expert cooking and serving staff make this a top notch dining adventure. The one thing that was missing from this evening for me was Julianne. I would have enjoyed this much more if I could have shared the experience with her.


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