We began our trip to Las Vegas with a blowout tasting menu that was out of this world at é by José Andrés at the Cosmopolitan.

After booking a seat online in advance at this exclusive 8-seat restaurant within Jaleo, you receive a golden ticket in the mail. It promises “you will experience culinary delights that you have not imagined and cannot guess.” It’s not cheap at $300 US per person (plus at least $150 for a wine pairing if you want that… and who doesn’t want that?). The creativity in this 21 course tasting menu is truly exceptional, and the cost is completely worth it if you are a foodie like us.

David has been to é before, and wanted to share the experience with me. I am so glad he did!

It begins by meeting your fellow diners at a table in Jaleo, and then you are brought back to a special little room that is designed to be a peak inside the head of José Andrés. It’s really cool.

The next two hours are spent enjoying culinary theatre, watching the chefs prepare the dishes for you and explaining the fantastic and whimsical touches. It’s very intimate and loads of fun.

The first five courses were a flurry of small bites that introduced us to the creativity to come and a mix of salty and sweet:

  • Morning Dew – a liquid sphere of pear lightness that explodes as you squish it on the roof of your mouth
  • A little beet rose
  • Stone – a soft cheese bite that looks like a stone
  • Spanish Pizza – salty and cheese bite that came in a little specialty pizza box
  • Wonder Bread – foie gros light airy “bread” with strawberries in the middle.

One of the best bites of the night was the Pan Con Tomate – a light pillow of cheese with iberico ham layered on top.

The next two dishes were wonderful surprises.

  • Uni and Lardo – a soft, salty and messy uni bite that you needed to eat with the paper provided (or it would spill all over)
  • Edible Sangria – freeze dried strawberries that looked like a beef tartare. It was wonderfully palette cleansing and the minty strawberry taste helped pave the way for the deeper flavours to come.

The concept of “two spoons” was introduced here. The concept is to use one spoon to push the elements together on the other spoon for the perfect bite. Fun.

Moving into more of the “mains” of the night, we started with a delicious Asparagus Escabeche – a lovely bright asparagus and caviar dish. The Live Scallop was another of our favourites of the night. The scallop was apparently alive one hour before plating (so extremely fresh) and covered in a hard foie gros shell that you needed to break open with your spoon.

The next dish is something I will always remember for the deep wonderful flavour. Txangurro a la Donastiarra – a dungenous crab with “poison broth” to our overtop. That broth was divine! It reminded us both of a special Jamaican restaurant that is sadly no more – the Hungry Lion had the best crab!

The final savoury courses of the night were all creative and exceptional.

  • Foie Royal – foie gros with truffle and mandarin oranges
  • Platija – fluke with squid ink and a salty hard squid ink topping, paired with lemongrass and caviar
  • Fricando – melt in your mouth beef cheeks with the softest pillow gnocchi we’ve ever tasted.
  • Empanada of “candy floss” foie gros with a raspberry centre that literally disintegrates in your mouth.

Finally, a flurry of wonderful dessert bites that finished off the meal magnificently!

  • Honey and Cheese
  • Foie gros and raspberry
  • A Catalan egg (that was really a flan)
  • “More Things” – in including a cherry bomb, an almond delight and a freeze dried dessert that was fun to breathe out as “smoke” as soon as it hit your mouth.

What an amazing evening, and what talented and friendly chefs! If you are looking for a special once in a lifetime dining experience in Las Vegas, this is it!

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