Dave and I had a great time at Fantasy Food last night, an annual event that supports the Saskatchewan Science Centre in Regina. It was also an opportunity to dress up for a fun night out, and to sample food and wine from restaurants across the city.

The event provides local chefs with a venue to put out tapas style small plates, and gain some interest in their restaurants. We thought we might find some diamonds in the rough we haven’t tried, or have forgotten about… and we were right. Here are our favourite dishes and restaurants of the night.

Hands down, the sashimi tuna on a salty cracker prepared by the Lancaster Taphouse Pub was the hit of the night for us. The tuna was incredibly fresh and the yakitori sauce on top made for a really nice balance. We wanted to go back for seconds at the end of the night after we made the rounds of all the food stations, but sadly there was none left when we returned… a good sign that others loved the dish as well. Food like that is not at all what we would have expected from a pub, so we have never visited the Lancaster… that’s about to change!


Another great plate was a jeera chicken taco from Earls restaurant. It was big, it was gooey and it was hard to eat… but it was also incredibly flavourful, spicy with a nice kick and fun to eat. It was worth the messy eating.


A big surprise for us was the Jambalaya Corndog from Rock Creek restaurant. Deep fried sausage, cheese and a tomato sauce on a stick really was deep fried goodness! It was also a lot of fun to eat. Dave and I often overlook Rock Creek as an option, as it in the busy east end of Regina. We live very central, and tend to stick closer to home. We will be venturing out east sometime soon to see what else is on the Rock Creek menu these days.


Another big surprise for us was to see that the Mediterranean Bistro has been re-branded as Monteray Bay Bistro and has new ownership. We think that’s a positive, because the once bright fine-dining restaurant has really languished in recent years. They offered a simple but very yummy spicy shrimp on a baguette slice. It was one of our favourites of the evening and has us wondering about giving the Monteray Bay Bistro a chance and checking out their menu.


Of course, being the Saskatchewan Science Centre, they also had a fun nitrogen ice cream display on hand.. and the ice cream itself was a great treat! We had a lot of fun at Fantasy Foods, and have some great new ideas for restaurants we want to visit soon. A great night!


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