If the packed lunch hour is any indication, it’s obvious the word is out on the delicious food at Flip restaurant in downtown Regina! Watching people being turned away shortly after noon, I was very happy I made a reservation for my business lunch today (with their very convenient online reservation option, it’s easy to do).

I’m trying to eat healthy and fresh these days, so I love a hearty salad that is light on greens and heavy on vegetables and flavour. The Prawn Salad was perfection today. I didn’t feel like I made the “smart” choice, I enjoyed every savoury bite! The salad comes with spicy prawns (with some kind of medium spicy chilli oil), roasted beets and asparagus, arugula, cucumber and cherry tomatoes all in a lemon vinaigrette. I loved the warmth and softness of the vegetables and lightness of the vinaigrette,and I will definitely order this salad again!

flip 2

My colleague ordered the special for the day – it looked completely delicious, with decidedly more calories! The sausage patty sandwich with cheese looked mouthwatering, and was gobbled up quickly. The special came with a lamb souvlaki with rice soup that was equally satisfying.

Flip 1

I was reminded today how much I enjoy Flip, and I plan to go back with Dave for dinner sometime soon! Oh, and I will definitely remember to make a reservation, just to be on the safe side!

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