I just tried the new Freshii spot in the Cornwall Centre Food Court… What a fresh surprise!

I was running around town, with about a half hour to grab something to eat before my facial and pedicure appointment at the gorgeous En Vogue Day Spa (the absolute best spa in town)… And I resigned myself to grabbing something on the go. Probably greasy and probably not the healthiest choice I could make. Then I spied Freshii.

With fresh in the title it has to be good for you… But would it be tasty? It took me a while to pick between a wrap or a bowl… It all looked delicious. I decided on the Mediterranean Bowl – half greens, half quinoa and full of olives, cucumbers, red peppers, tomatoes, feta and red pepper sauce. I added some chicken as well. It was totally delicious and felt really healthy.


I have found my new shopping meal and I look forward to trying Buddha’s Satay bowl next time! It’s not cheap and it’s not super fast … But it’s with it!

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