David and I heard great things about Fukuburger as we were doing some internet research before our trip to Vegas, and it more than lived up to the hype!

Fukuburger started as a food truck, and is now a stand-alone restaurant in the Hawaiian Marketplace area of the strip (right across from the Aria where we were staying). You can’t see Fukuburger easily from the street and the website is also not really clear about its hours, so we were worried it wouldn’t be open on a Sunday at noon. Thankfully, the journey to find it was successful and we had one of the best burgers of our lives!

First of all, Fukuburger (foo-koo-burger) can be pronounced differently if you say the “u” differently, and that gives us a chuckle. It also has a really cool Japanese vibe and ingredients that make it really original.



As we ordered, we loved the different types of burgers we could choose from. I chose the original Fukuburger (also known as the lucky burger). It’s a beef burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, pink pickled ginger with american cheese and “fukusauce” – a wasabi-mayo sauce. David chose the Butaburger (also known as the pig burger). It’s also a beef burger with miso-glazed applewood and smoked bacon, onion, pickled ginger, american cheese and a Japanese BBQ sauce.


OH MY GOD these burgers were amazing!! A wonderful mix of hot patties with cold ingredients, slathered in delicious sauce. It was messy and gooey and we felt like we needed a shower after! We also really loved the garlic fries with “crack sauce” – also a mayo-wasabi blend.



Another really important thing to mention about Fukuburger is that they make food to order. You wait around a bit for your burger to arrive, but when it does, it is hot and fresh. It really makes a difference.

We sat outside to eat, and realized even little birdies love this food! This little guy hopped around our table and chirped at us for a while, until we decided to throw it a few bun crumbs. He seemed to appreciate it as well!


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