My one night on the Bhaya Classic cruise boat in Halong Bay was just what I needed at the time. After a very long flight from Canada to Hanoi, and two incredibly busy days in Hanoi, I needed to sit back and relax. The Bhaya Classic gave me the comfort I needed in my small room (a given on any cruise boat) and breathtaking scenery to quietly enjoy Halong Bay.

I really enjoyed my room on this boat, with a very comfy bed and a great shower (always a bonus!). I love getting robes and slippers in rooms, and it was a really nice touch here that I used to sit outside on my private balcony and watch the Bay go by. I love moments of quiet reflection on a trip, and I had many peaceful moments here.

All of the staff on the ship were excellent and attentive, and the food was fabulous. The buffet breakfast and lunch were seafood-based (which I love) and very tasty, and dinner was a served meal, also seafood-based. My own personal rule while traveling is to always choose seafood when I am near the sea. It is so fresh (a novelty for a land-locked prairie girl like me) and the people living near the sea really what they are doing in preparation. Loved the food.


If you are considering a Bhaya Cruise, my advice is to take the three-day option. I was on the two-day overnight option, and I was just settling into the rhythm when it was time to disembark. I would have loved another day to enjoy!

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