If you read any guide to Harajuku, it recommends visiting the area on Sunday. Because that’s when the cosplay happens (fans dressed up in their favourite characters), and the harajuku girls are walking around in their fashionable attire. If you dig deeper, you will read that cosplay is out of fashion unless there is an event.

What you will find in Harajuku across from the station on a Sunday is wall to wall tweens, teens and their mothers filling every inch of Takeshita Street to shop in the many pink girls shops and eat sweet crepes. It’s worth seeing, just not on a Sunday.



If you wander down to Omotesando Hills, you start to hit the expensive area (think Prada and Chanel), but you can find a fun Tokyu Place escalator that’s like a big crystal and some more reasonable shopping as well (we liked the Oriental Bazaar for souvenirs). This area is for older girls with money.




Harajuku is worth seeing, just not on a Sunday. And be sure to spend more of your time in the winding back alleys and narrow streets where you will find interesting smaller shops and restaurants. It’s a lot more chill and enjoyable.



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