Just got my new 10-year Canadian passport in the mail today, and I’m ready for another year of travel!

The process was pretty easy and quick (received it about a week after I renewed in person), though I did shake my head at a few people in line ahead of me. I am amazed a the number of people who lose their passports in their own home, don’t have one, or don’t think to renew it until two days before a trip to Mexico.

The winner for the day had to be the man who came to apply for passports for himself, his wife and daughter for the first time, and half-way through the transaction realized he had to pay for passports and had to leave to go to the bank to get the funds. Oh, the stories passport employees must have every day!

At any rate, you wouldn’t catch me coming anywhere close to passport expiration! Many countries won’t let you in if you are within six months of your expiration date, so I am always ahead of the game.

Now… where to go in 2014? First off, a trip to Vegas with my besties in June for a bachelorette party.. and then Barcelona and Nice with my sweetie for our honeymoon.

It’s going to be a great year!

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