The drive from Regina, Saskatchewan to Canmore, Alberta is a long eight-hours (if you don’t take many breaks). It’s also light on amazing scenery until you hit Calgary and the mountains (about seven-hours into the trip). Basically, by the time you hit Canmore, any bed looks good.

We are on our way to Penticton (another six or seven hour drive ahead of us today). We chose to stop in Canmore because it’s a pretty little place. We chose to stay at the Holiday Inn in Canmore because it’s a great location just off the highway and a little out of town (so it’s quieter).


This Holiday Inn looks a lot more like a chateau than your usual Holiday Inn, so it fits right in with the scenery. There is also a great little hot tub that to unwind after a long day driving in the car. We recommend hitting it around dinner or just after to get it to yourself like we did. We also noticed two large buses of tourists arriving around 8 p.m. If you can get here before that, you have the place pretty much to yourself. As soon as they got here, the no vacancy sign went up.

We chose an executive room, meaning we have a desk and tv room, and really nice large bathroom, and then a bedroom down the hall and away from the hotel hallway (always a bonus for me, such a light sleeper!).


The bed is very large and very comfortable, with another tv in the bedroom. My only complaint is that it has an air conditioner unit in the bedroom and it is a bit noisy when it turns on or off. I brought some earplugs, and I had a nice sleep in the comfy bed. Dave sleeps through anything, so he doesn’t know what I am talking about!


We’d like to review the restaurant, but it was closed during our stay. Overall, a nice choice for a quick rest stop on a road trip. Next stop, Penticton!

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