While you may hear more about the Park Hyatt hotel (famous from the Lost in Translation movie), its sister property the Hyatt Regency is a spectacular hotel in the same sleepier side of Shinjuku (Nishi-Shinjuku). We loved our time at this hotel, and give it rave reviews across the board.


First of all, the location is great. You can walk easily to Shinkjuku station and the entertainment district in about 15 minutes, or take the free shuttle bus that comes every 20 minutes. This came in handy on many days where we walked intensively (saving the trek to and from the hotel was very helpful).


Another great feature of the hotel is that Tochomae station is right under the hotel, and the Oedo (E) line connects to many other lines (or a quick way to get to Shinjuku station). And, best of all, a 7-11 is right under the hotel. It was our go-to every morning for coffee and breakfast, for snacks and for the occasional Asahi beer, cold coffee drinks, karaage fried chicken and other well-priced items.

The hotel itself may look austere from the outside in all brick, but the inside lobby is gorgeous and the rooms are well-equipped and state of the art. We particularly liked the black out shades that were remote controlled by the bedside.



Our room was super comfortable, and the hotel itself was very quiet. We rarely heard a peep around us, and never heard the housekeeping staff at all! The first night I was kept awake by the sound of sirens and loudspeaker talking by nearby police or EMS or fire trucks, but I was never bothered at all by it the subsequent nights.


Our view of Shinjuku Park was fantastic! Every morning, as we’d sip our coffee beside the large window, we’d watch a group exercise in the park – all wearing white. We also had expansive views of our side of Shinjuku.



The bathroom was great – a large shower and tub, and great Pharmacopia toiletries. The toilet was in a separate room, and was amazing. Seriously, Japanese toilets are incredible. Heated seats, the sound of water running (to disguise the sound of you doing your business) and several bidet functions.




There are several wonderful restaurants in the hotel, including two that we went to – Cuisine Michel Troisgros and a fantastic traditional kaiseki dinner at Kakou.

One feature that I really loved was the comfortable kimono bathrobes provided. We lived in them for our entire stay. So much that I was going to ask about buying one… but soon realized my fascination with them was very much a time and place thing.


I would be remiss to not mention the excellent and friendly staff of the Hyatt Regency. We were met with smiles and assistance every morning as we left the hotel, received great help and advice from the knowledgable Concierge, and all the staff had great English skills (which was really appreciated).

The Hyatt Regency in Shinjuku, Tokyo is a wonderful property where we’d stay again in a heartbeat!

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