One of the best things about staying at Hide Awhile on the remote cliffs of Negril,was the opportunity to also spend time at Idle Awhile, its sister property on the busier beach.

One of the main reasons you go to Negril is to just chill out on the seven miles of white sand beach. When Dave and I have stayed on the cliffs in the past, we have always paid for a taxi to take us to the beach (about 15 minutes away). It usually costs between $5 and $10 per ride – and that can add up during a week. Hide Awhile and Idle Awhile have a free shuttle that goes between the two properties at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. It’s the perfect amount of time to spend at the beach or at the cliffs, and the fact that the ride is free is even better!

Idle Awhile itself is situated on a great stretch of beach, with a large swimming area. You have to share the water with jet skis and boats, so some hotels have a very small roped in swimming area. The spot at Idle Awhile is quite large and takes in about four hotels, so it provides a great place to swim.


The moment we arrived from the shuttle each day, we were greeted by friendly staff who immediately pulled out beach chairs for us and set them up where we asked. The outdoor bar and restaurant – called Chill Awhile – was also fantastic. Dave and I had the best rum punch of the entire trip here, and wonderful lunch of curry chicken and steamed snapper in coconut sauce.



Personally, I was very happy we stayed at Hide Awhile on the cliffs, rather than Idle Awhile. The property on the beach looks very well taken care of, and has the same design style as the cliffs. From the outside, the rooms and balconies/patio areas looked large as well. For me though, it seemed very closed in compared to the cliff property. I really do like feeling away from it all on trips like these, and Idle Awhile felt like there would be little air flow and I’d likely be really close to my neighbours throughout the trip.

It really depends what you’re into. If you enjoy a (mostly) quiet and secluded spot on the cliffs then choose Hide Awhile. If you want to be in the middle of the action and the night life on the beach, then choose Idle Awhile.


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