There is sushi… and then there is SUSHI!! Isshin Sushi on Front Street in Penticton is an incredible experience that can’t be missed.

I was instantly impressed by the menu, and the many different kinds of rolls and Nigiri that I hadn’t heard of before. I am not as adventurous as Dave in the seafood department, so we took some time to order… and the food took some time to arrive (often a sign of a sushi artisan in action). The wait was totally worth it.


The first roll to arrive was the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll. It was an enormous eight pieces of tuna, tempura crumb, cucumber and spicy mayo goodness! Besides the delicious filling, there was something about the sushi rice that made it the best I have ever had. Seriously, the rice was almost the star (could have been the toasted sesame seeds on the outside of one side). I raved about that rice all night.


Dave got the Unagi (bbq eel) Nigiri. This is one dish I am not adventurous enough to try, but Dave loved it. He also commented on the big portions here.


Our next dish was a total stunner. We love tempura, and ordered the seven piece Seafood Tempura, expecting small pieces of fish. We were amazed by the large shrimp, salmon and halibut tempura we received – really almost a meal in itself! The tempura was crisp and light, and the fish was perfectly cooked. After a couple of these, I knew I was getting far too full to be able to finish the next roll coming our way!


Luckily, Dave is a triathlete with a bottomless stomach, and he was able to finish most of the next roll – the Salmon Oyako Roll. This roll was visually stunning with very large salmon roe on top of a bbq salmon belly, vegetable and korean spicy miso paste roll. For me, the salmon roe was a bit too much (too big, too fish)… but the roll itself was divine.


If you are in Penticton, and have a craving for sushi, do yourself a favour and get to Isshin!

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