After a four and a half hour direct flight from Regina to Montego Bay, and a two hour drive to Negril (with a half hour stop off at the grocery store), we arrived at our gorgeous home away from home on the Negril Cliffs. That’s what we have decided about the villa at Hide Awhile – and everyone keeps welcoming us home… so we’ll go with it!


The drive is always a little tiring, and a lot interesting. It’s fun to drive through the small towns on the way to Negril, and see the girls and boys in their school uniforms, the brightly coloured (if a little run down) homes and the great scenery.


A stop at the grocery store was a must for us. Part of why we love Hide Awhile on the cliffs is that it is quiet, away from the non-stop party of all inclusive resorts, and has its own kitchen for breakfast. Dave makes an amazing breakfast!


Our driver dropped us off at a Progressive Foods store in Montego Bay – a step up from the Hi Lo store in Negril (really big, and just like grocery stores at home). We stocked up on our favourites and absolute musts:
– Jamaican coffee (this is the brand Dave loves)
– Red Stripe beer (to enjoy overlooking our ocean view on our fantastic balconies… yes,I said balconies)
– eggs, tomatoes, butter, onion and callaloo for omelettes (I love callaloo… a lot like kale)
– mushrooms… also for the omelettes and shockingly cost as much as six Red Stripe beers!
– Giant Holsum bread
– a flat of water for our days out on the beach
– an assortment of jams from Jamaica (we always bring a bunch of this home with us)

Let the vacation begin!

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