After a long travel day from Calgary, Krafty Kitchen + Bar was just what the doctor ordered – a unique and fantastic meal to start our summer break!

Krafty is close to the waterfront on Lawrence in downtown Kelowna, and comes with great online reviews (so it caught our attention). Walking in, the decor and staff are very welcoming and we were lucky to snag a patio spot to enjoy the fabulous weather (in the shade).

We noticed a Chef’s Table offering (a tasting menu we weren’t expecting) and immediately decided to go for it! At $99 per person (with wine pairings) for five courses is a great price. Our server Zachary was friendly and attentive for the entire five courses and we had a lot of fun talking with him. It seemed all around us that everyone was receiving similar great service.


The meal began with an amuse bouche of warm olives marinated in orange and chili oil and was a lovely mellow and buttery start.


The meal is a sharing style, with one dish coming out to share for each course. It felt comfortable, casual, rustic and less precious than tasting menus can be (and we found that to be a really accessible and good thing!).

Our first course was a Moscato sweet wine from Play winery in Penticton, paired with and Octopus dumpling with a chili oil dipping sauce. We wouldn’t think to put sweet wine with the heat of chili, but it really worked. The sweetness cut the salt of the sauce. The dumplings were delicious. I am usually not into octopus, but the soft filling was lovelY.



The second course was a bit of a revelation. The duck pate salad with blueberries, vinaigrette and some shaved foie gras was interesting and a bit different. We haven’t seen salad on top of pate, and it took about two or three bites to figure out just the right amount of salad to pate ratio. But, once we did, we really enjoyed the brightness of this dish. The Synchromesh Riesling was a nice pairing.


Often, the third course is a fish or chicken dish, so we were surprised to see a tomato soup come out. This was a real stand out for both of us! The roasted tomatoes with creme fraiche, chili oil and croutons had a wonderful heat (cumin perhaps?) that was really satisfying. I would go back for this dish alone. The wine pairing was also special. The Joie Rose was a deeper pink/cherry colour than we have seen in a rose before. Fantastic course!



Our entree was the star of the show, and somewhat intimidating for me! The braised beef ribs are HUGE! I find ribs a bit scary to eat in public – so messy and unladylike. But once David showed me the ropes, I could focus on the taste. The rub was interesting with a hint of heat, and it was perfectly cooked with a crispy crust. It reminded me of portion sizes and meat-focused dishes in Argentina. The buttery grits and kale were an excellent accompaniment, along with the TH Wines Cabernet Merlot.



Once we had the meat, we really appreciated the light dishes and the tomato soup ahead of it! Great balanced courses and thoughtful progression.

Our dessert started with a brown butter daiquiri with a port float. It was sweet and savoury and really interesting! The dessert was incredibly unique- coconut crusted butternut squash and ice cream. It was light and flavourful and nothing like we have tasted before!



Overall, we were incredibly impressed by Krafty Kitchen + Bar and would highly recommend it to anyone!

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