Dave and I have done a lot of wine tasting here in the Okanagan (it’s part of why you come to wine country)! We love bold red wine, but wouldn’t exactly say we are aficionados. In fact, we usually stay away from really pricy wine. The cheaper stuff (at least the right bottle of cheaper stuff) is often just as good as the more expensive.

And then, we hit Le Vieux Pin Winery in Oliver.

This beautiful vineyard sits just outside of Oliver, BC and boasts an “old pine” on its property (thus, the name – Le Vieux Pine – the Old Pine). The vineyard has been in existence since 2005 and when you walk inside the big doors, and into the gorgeous tasting room, you are transported to France.


Le Vieux Pin has a winemaker from France, who bases their wine on old world french techniques, blended with the new world grape varieties found in the Okanagan. As we started the tasting, something felt very special compared to the many other wineries that we had already been enjoying. The staff was incredibly knowledgable about all of the tender loving care that goes into their wine (mostly by hand vs machinery), and the blends and flavours in each bottle. It was truly impressive hearing how focused they are on quality (vs quantity), how they choose to put their money into production and not advertising and would even choose to not release any wine in a season if it wasn’t up to their standards.

We tried four bottles, and were blown away by the taste of each one. You really can taste the love put into each bottle. Plus, the wine bottles and labels themselves are so pretty in their simplicity! In this case, the higher price really is worth it. We had such a hard time deciding between the four bottles, that we made the only decision possible – we bought one of each!


Of course, after leaving Le Vieux Pin, we went on to other wineries and other tastings. We always found something we liked, but nothing even came close to Le Vieux Pin. So, we did the only logical thing we could do on our last full day in the Okanagan – we went back and bought some more before our long trip home to the prairies!

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