You don’t have to simply throw a processed pizza in the oven and cook it by the instructions on the box. I’ve never been really good at following the rules. Why should this be any different? This Dr. Oetker – Casa di Mama pizza can benefit from a few extra ingredients. Since I mentioned the name… I can’t help saying “Doktor Oetker” in a comically fake Swedish accent. Yup. I do it every time. That joke never gets old. For a processed pizza this one’s actually pretty good. Of course… That doesn’t mean that we can’t make it better.

Here’s what we’re working with.

It’s not a blank canvas but it’s pretty bare bones. It’s got lots of room to add tasty stuff. Before you grab every single thing out of the fridge, know this. You don’t want to overload your pizza. Pizza is meant to be an exploration of tastes and textures. You don’t want to get every ingredient in every bite. Also… If you put too much stuff on it it will just end up a goopy mess on your baking sheet. I want a crispy crust and moist toppings.

I chose to add basil, shallots, tomatoes and mushrooms. I put the ingredients on in that order. The basil is delicate and should go on the bottom. The tomatoes and onions come next and the mushrooms go last because they’ll take the longest to cook so I want them exposed to the maximum amount of heat. I decided to peel and seed the tomatoes. If I left the seed on it tends to make everything WAY to watery. It’s just nice to peel the tomatoes because the skins will get rubbery. The pizza doesn’t have much sauce and the tomatoes will break down a bit and add to that sauce. Should work pretty well.


1 – Dr. Oetker Casa di Mama frozen pizza
3 – Button mushrooms
1 – Shallot (other onions work fine)
1/4 – Tomato (peeled and seeded)
1 – 2 – Basil leaves


Pre-heat oven to 480 F. Add the delicate ingredients first. I started with basil, then onions, then tomatoes and finally the mushrooms. Chuck it in the oven for 12 – 14 minutes. This pizza had lots of stuff added to it so it was in for the full 14 miutes.

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