My friends and I found ourselves in a pickle for lunch in Toronto one day … we all wanted something different. So, we split the difference and headed to Marche restaurant.


Marche is like a big cafeteria or market in Brookfield Place. It’s where my brother works and clearly a big meeting place for thousands of other people who work in downtown Toronto.


I had also been here earlier in my trip to meet an old friend from high school, who explained the system to me. You get a card when you walk in. Then, as you go from counter to counter to pick your food and drink choices, they swipe it all onto the card. After you are done eating, you present you card at the exit and pay.


Marche really does have everything… stations for salad, pizza, pasta, seafood, meats, desserts, etc! I chose a bento box of salmon sushi at the sushi station. It took a while, and I couldn’t figure out where the chop sticks and soy sauce were… but once I sat down, it was a delicious lunch!



Marche is a busy place, but a great option if you have a group of undecided diners!

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