We love little Marley cat… Our Jamaican house guest each time we come to Hide Awhile.

This is our third visit with her, and it’s become a source of great joy every time we open up our door and see her there to greet us and spend time with us.



For an outdoor cat, she is surprisingly a lap cat and loves to cuddle. She is also a serious kneader (so you need a towel if she’s sitting on you).

We usually spend time with her first thing in the morning and after a day on the beach or in the pool. Each time she looks at us like “Are you still cat people? Is it ok for me to come up/in again?” She’s a pretty savvy cat.

And then, she wanders off to join the other cats on the property (although we think she is the queen and runs the show around here). She certainly has our number.


There are lots of animals here in Negril, and we also made friends with Zimba the Hide Awhile dog, and two lovely feline friends at the beach property!


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