Regina has a number of sushi restaurants these days, but there’s something about the old classic Michi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar that has us always coming back for more.

Michi has been around on Scarth Street in downtown Regina for 10 years, and in many people’s opinion (including ours), it’s the best sushi it town. It could be the authentic Japanese cuisine prepared by veteran Japanese chefs, or it could be the special atmosphere if you are lucky enough to dine in one of the traditional rooms (with privacy screens, sunken tables and a no shoes policy). Michi just feels special.

While some other sushi restaurants in Regina focus on volume (all you can eat joints pump out the sushi fast and furious), Michi focuses on damn good sushi and takes the time to prepare it right. The service is always friendly and prompt, starting with the hot towel to begin your meal (I always love that).

Dave and I stuck to some old favourites during our latest visit to Michi. We started with two appetizers – Agedashi Tofu and Prawn Tempura. The deep fried tofu pieces were larger than I remember (a good thing) and the texture was creamy and the hot broth full was full of flavour (a Japanese soy sauce mix of some kind). The broth was so good that Dave and I wished we kept it around as a dipping sauce for the rest of our meal.

Michi - Agadashi Tofu

The Prawn Tempura is a favourite for a reason. The prawns are always large and cooked perfectly, the tempura is light and airy and the dipping sauce is salty and not too heavy.

 Michi - Tempura Prawns

Our meal was rounded out by three excellent rolls: Chef’s Special Roll (tuna, salmon, avocado and spicy sauce), Spider Roll (soft shell crab tempura, flying fish roe, cucumber, avocado, lettuce and mayo) and Sakura Roll (avocado, salmon and tuna tempura, king crab, cucumber and mayo). Each of the rolls were incredibly fresh and satisfying. The Chef’s Special Roll was the standout hit for us this time around. We also really love that Michi doesn’t skimp on the wasabi (as some other restaurants in town)… it all got used up.

Michi - Michi Special Roll

Michi - Spider Roll

If you are used to the all you can eat type of Japanese Sushi restaurant, you may be expecting more on the plate. But when you compare prices, the smaller (and more authentic) rolls that Michi prepares are really not overpriced (anywhere from $3.75 to $7.50 per roll, depending on the roll that you choose).

The quality of food and preparation at Michi encourages savouring your food and enjoying a relaxing experience, versus the scarfing down of as much sushi as you can handle at the all you can eat places. Add in a great bottle of sake, and you are sure to have a great night at Michi!

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