MojitosThis isn’t the real mojito recipe from Cuba but it’s how I make mine. Real mojitos are made with white rum, limes, brown sugar (or some sugar that still has some molasses in it), mint, lime juice and club soda. My mojitos are made with dark rum and Sanpellegrino grapefruit soda. In summer I like to use Sanpellegrino Lemon soda. It’s quite tart and it goes down wonderfully on a hot day.

Mojitos are always muddled. You put the lime wedges, mint leaves and sugar in the bottom of the glass and mash it up to release the flavours. I can’t justify buying a tool made specifically for muddling drinks. I just use the handle end of a wooden spatula.

I use Demerara sugar for my mojitos. In this dry climate it always turns into a solid lump so I bash it up I’m my mortar and pestle. It ends up with jut the right consistency to help release the oils of the lime leaves when you muddle.

Mojito triptych


1 1/2 – 2 oz dark rum
1/4 of a lime – cut into small wedges
4 or 5 mint leaves (depends how big they are)
1 tsp demerara sugar
1 can of Sanpellegrino Grapefruit (or lemon) soda


Put the lime wedges, mint leaves and sugar in the bottom of the glass. Use your muddling device (handle of a wooden spatula) to crush the ingredients together. It will smell like minty, limey goodness. Pour in the rum and then add the soda. Top with ice and serve.

Mojitos 2

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