Am I in Las Vegas, or Japan right now? Chef Kats Kawaguchi made us feel like we were back in Tokyo at his sushi bar in MOzen Bistro on the third floor of the Mandarin Oriental.

We are heading to the spa this afternoon, and a light sushi lunch in the hotel felt right. We got so much more than we expected, in the most delightful way!

We chose to sit at the sushi bar, and Chef Kats told us not many people do that (which is a shame). Not only do you get to watch expertise in action, Chef Kats was wonderfully charming and we reminisced about our time in Tokyo with him. He gave us tips for our next visit, and perhaps even gave us a few extra pieces of sashimi here and there with a sly smile.

It started with a complimentary champagne from the manager, and wonderful unagi (eel) nigiri that was buttery soft.

The Maguro tuna were slices of melt in your mouth perfection. The caterpillar roll was my favourite – shrimp tempura wrapped in avocado with spicy sriracha, mayo and eel sauce.

This beautiful lunch and lovely Chef made this a lunch to remember. It was truly delightful and an honour to dine at his sushi bar…. and to thank him profusely in Japanese (Ariagato Gozaimasu) for the delicious (oishi) meal.

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