My visit to Toronto was close to Halloween and on Canadian Thanksgiving in October, so visiting a Pumpkin Patch was a sensational family activity!


Nauman’s Farm isn’t really close to Toronto, but it was fairly close to my Aunt’s place in Kitchener, and sort of close to my brother and sister-in-law in Mississauga. Specifically, it is in a Mennonite community of St. Clements. It’s absolutely beautiful this time of year, with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes everywhere!


It was also really fun to see so much diversity in the gourds and little pumpkins – so many varieties I have never seen before. My beautiful niece especially loved the tiny pumpkins and took a few home.



We were also completely charmed by the lovely and patient St Bernard dog that let everyone pet him and play with him, and thought the halloween decorations were also pretty funny.



However, the most fun of the day came with the activities. First we walked through a corn maze that was really delightful! We were told it could take up to an hour to find our way through, but once we figured out the secret (stay on paths with a lot of hay laid down), it took about 30 minutes.


The other fun activity was a pumpkin sling shot! Just like I have seen on Amazing Race, targets were set up for you to shoot and aim. I was by far the worst of the bunch at this (I just couldn’t get the technique down), but we all had a blast doing it!


If you are anywhere near Nauman’s Farm (or enjoy a long ride), I really recommend it! Great fun (and my brother and sister-in-law got some great pumpkins)!


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