On the advice of Julianne’s brother Wade we decided to have lunch at Oliver and Bonacini Cafe Grill in Toronto’s Entertainment District. It was a Saturday so there was a reduced weekend a la carte brunch menu. That’s too bad. I think I would have preferred the regular lunch menu. We had breakfast earlier that morning so the breakfast options on the menu seemed unappealing. That left us with just a few traditional lunch items. The restaurant wasn’t very busy this Saturday so I can understand why they would offer a smaller menu.

The restaurant is gorgeous. It has a modern style with some antique touches. The dining room has an open ‘see and be seen’ kind of feel to it.

Our first choice was what to drink. The waiter informed us about the daily juice specials. It was a lychee and pear combination and it was delicious! The juice was bright pink and we couldn’t figure out how lychee or pear could give such a vibrant pink colour. No matter… It tasted awesome. This juice is one of Julianne’s favourite food memories of Toronto – she is still talking about it!

Lychee and Pear Juice

Like I said before… we already had breakfast so the breakfast items on the menu were superfluous. We both had our eye on the Roast Turkey Club so we decided to order that along with the Margherita Pizza and share amongst ourselves. The pizza had on option of adding prosciutto but the $4.95 additional cost seemed excessive.

Our food arrived quickly, probably due to the fact that the restaurant only had four other tables filled at that point. The roast turkey club was pretty to look at. It also tasted quite good. The sandwich was made with shaved turkey breast, crispy maple bacon, butter lettuce, ripened tomatoes and avocado mayo with garden spinach salad. My only complaint was that the bacon was a little difficult to bite through. Could have been cut a little thinner.


It’s hard to screw up a Margherita pizza. This one tasted great. The basil and tomato were very fresh and the cheese was gooey abundant. The crust was a little dense for my taste, but overall it was pretty good. Julianne liked it exactly as it was and didn’t have the same issue with the crust.

Margherita Pizza

Our visit to Oliver and Bonacini Cafe Grill was quite good. The restaurant looked fantastic. The service was spot on and our food was good. We’d go again but not for a weekend lunch. I wanted to experience a menu with a larger selection so I’d pick a week day lunch or dinner visit in the future.

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