One of the things David and I most wanted to do in Tokyo was to find Ramen Street in Tokyo Station.. and we found it!

It took a long walk in the station (which is huge), but knowing we were looking for the  Yaesu  exit area, and getting some help from a station guide, really helped.


Once we found the “street” in the station, it was composed of 8 tiny ramen shops. Thanks to some pictures and English directions (that David figured out), we found the one that appealed to us the most – tonkatsu ramen at Oreshiki-Jun.


I had some difficulty with the vending machine, where you order. I chose first, and then put my yen in the machine (which promptly spit it back out in smaller bills). It took me a second try after David where I just used my Suica card (transit pass that works at many shops) instead of cash. Apparently, you put your cash in first.  


Very friendly service as we entered and provided our ticket from the machine to the server. It was fun to watch everyone slurp down the ramen around us, and the process of the ramen being assembled.



Within a few short minutes, our tontaksu ramen arrived, and it was as delicious as we’d hoped! The thin noodles were quite hot to start, but the broth was warm and deep in flavour that changed and evolved into even deeper flavour by the last bite. It took me a bit to get my slurping down pat (as I splattered all over my shirt). But, the messy was worth it! Truly sensational ramen and wonderful experience that lived up to our hopes.

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