Yep, you read that right. Piss Alley. Also known as Memory Lane. It’s a small alley of yakitori and other tiny restaurants just off Shinjuku station. 

We wandered over for dinner tonight, to see the area in the dark, and had a wonderful evening! 

To start off, we were beckoned into a friendly Izakaya by the female yakitori chef, with the promise of an English menu. We are learning that when beckoned, you should enter. So far, always a great time.

We sat down at the tiny counter, and made friends with the Japanese man beside us after he showed us a photo of his cat, and we showed him a photo of ours. Cats. The international language of “awwww.”

We ordered the special set of grilled chicken and beef (the chicken balls and chicken wings were our favourite) and streaky pork. It was absolutely delicious!


After our yakitori, we made more friends after squishing our way out.

As we wandered back down the alley, we saw the famous Albatross bar (featured on an Anthony Bourdain show) and made our way to the bar on the main floor. 

There is an upstairs, but we enjoy sitting at the counter and making friends with the bartenders and patrons. Instantly, we made friends with the Japanese man beside us, and took pictures. He was super nice, and has been to Canada and reminisced about a girlfriend he took to Banff. 


Later, and American who went to McGill for journalism sat down and didn’t know where Saskatchewan was. He just got fired from NBC and is travelling on his severance. Maybe if he spent time paying attention to things around him (like learning about a country he was educated in), he’d still have a job. Maybe.

Anywho… Albatross was such a great time! Fantastic drinks and loads of fun watching the bartenders. We really enjoyed the ambience, and our drinks (I had a peach drink and Dave had a blue drink). 


We also gave a great cheer to the very young bartender who learned how to uncork a bottle of wine in front of us. Very slowly. 

Another absolutely fabulous night in Tokyo!

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